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project 「 Spike Sorting 」

Development of a resource-saving, easy-to-use, and fast spike sorting algorithm based on the calculation of correlations of spikes’ waveforms.


The ultimate goal of the spike sorting is to allocate a signal with a source. An algorithm which can effectively perform this task can be applied in wide variety of spheres, but we have selected as our target area the field of neuroscience. As the spike sorting is the first step to study brain and develop a brain-computer interface.

Goal of the project: development of an easy-to-use, resource-saving and fast algorithm of spike sorting, based on the calculation of correlations of spikes’ waveforms.

Larionov, P. and Schanze T. (2018). Correlation Based Spike Sorting. Automed 2018 - Villingen- Schwenningen, March 15-16, Automed 2018 in Villingen-Schwenningen Tagungsband, pp. 71-73.

my role

Main author and developer.

where / with whom

Institute of the Biomedical Technology, IBMT, University of Applied Sciences.
Scientific group of Prof. Dr. Thomas Schanze.



so what?

Publication was presented by me during Automed 2018 scientific conference. The project became foundational for the series of publication, done by me and other researchers of the scientific group, e.g. to apply the algorithm for ECG analysis. The algorithm capabilities were significantly improved by introduction of the multivariate mode.

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